Analyst Coverage

Firm Analyst
Morgan Stanley Cesar Medina
Credit Suisse Daniel Federle
Goldman Sachs Diego Aragao
BBVA Latam Research Alejandro Gallostra
Scotiabank Capital Andrés Coello
Santander César Davanço
Barclays Gilberto García
Intercam Jaime Aguilera Guzmán
Deutsche Bank Matthew Niknam
Vector Servicios Financieros Gerardo Cevallos
Lightshed Partners Walter P. Piecyk Jr.
J.P. Morgan Marcelo Santos
UBS Leonardo Olmos
BTG Pactual Carlos Sequeira
GBM Research Carlos De Legarreta
Itaú BBA Securities Arturo Langa
Newstreet Research Soomit Datta
Bank of America Fred Mendes
Banorte Marissa Garza
INVEX Montserrat Antón Honorato
Bradesco BBI Otavio Tanganelli

The views expressed by the analysts on América Móvil performance as well as the information and recommendations put forth by them, are responsibility of such analysts and may or may not coincide with the performance of the company. Please be informed that the inclusion of the analysts listed doesn't mean that América Móvil endorse or concur with their views, information or recommendations.